LANSAS Products Catalog and Current Price Sheet

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LANSAS Products 2020 Price Sheet

Operation and Maintenance Manuals

Manhole Vacuum Test Equipment - Operation and Maintenance Manual 
Single-Bladder Joint Tester - Operation and Maintenance Manual
Double-Bladder Joint Tester - Operation and Maintenace Manual 
SMART-BOX Complete Air Test Kit (Line Acceptance) – Operation and Maintenance Manual

Safety Sheets

LANSAS Safety Instruction Sheet
LANSAS Mechanical Wing-Nut Safety Sheet

Product Knowledge and Information

Pipe Plug Installation Guide
High Pressure Test Plug Application Guide
Line Acceptance Air Testing (Smart-Box) Guide
Vacuum Testing Equipment Assembly and Usage (A Product Knowledge Guide)
Installing a LANSAS Protective Sleeve - Slide Show
Instructions for Foam Replacement on Flat Plate Assemblies (A Product Knowledge Guide)
Cleaning Guidelines for LANSAS Pipe Plugs (A Product Knowledge Guide)
Pressure Gauge Venting or Burping (A Product Knowledge Guide)
Assembling Disc Plugs (A Product Knowledge Guide)
LANSAS Terms and Conditions
Customer Order Form for Deflection Gauges

LANSAS Safety and Warranty Information
Useful Information


LANSAS Products Videos
LANSAS Products Safety Video (English) - Safety Rules You Can Live With!
LANSAS Products Safety Video (Spanish) - En Espanol Safety Rules You Can Live With!

LANSAS Manhole Vacuum Testing Equipment Setup & Use (Bladder Head & HONDA Vac Pump)
LANSAS Rupture Protected Plug Demonstration
LANSAS Manhole Vacuum Testing Equipment Setup & Use (Flat Plate & Super-Vac)
LANSAS SMART BOX Complete Air Test Kit For Line Acceptance Testing of Sewer Pipe
LANSAS Joint Tester Demonstration
LANSAS Pump Vacuum Test Plate Demonstration

LANSAS GPS Equipped Pipe Plugs
LANSAS Gauge Venting or Burping Process
LANSAS Double Plugging Set Up with Front & Back Plugs
LANSAS Installing a Protective Sleeve on Big Plugs
LANSAS Pipe Plug Installation Video Pointers
LANSAS Front Plug Set Up For Air Testing Sewer Pipe
LANSAS Front Plug Set Up For Use as a Back Plug (Blocking)

Lansas Products
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