E-Z Plug Adapters & Accessories
Part# Item Description
700-00 E-Z Plug Adapter (Bolt On)
705-00 E-Z Plug Adapter (By-Pass)
711-23 E-Z Plug Pole (fiberglass,telescoping)

THE LANSAS "E-Z PLUG" SYSTEM is designed to provide a safe, fast, and cost effective method for plugging gravity flow pipe lines. The "E-Z Plug" system will utilize an adapter and either a new or existing single or multi-size test plug or bypass plug. By using the "E-Z Plug" system you will eliminate the need to set up for confined space entry when installing test plugs.

The time required to install a test plug will be reduced to only a few minutes. The cost will be reduced by thousands of dollars by eliminating ventilators, safety harnesses, gas detectors, and other costly equipment.

The Lansas "E-Z Plug" system is designed to save time and money on every job. Use the "E-Z Plug" adapter on plugs for use in up to 12" lines.

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